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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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which on hook usually doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach creation why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only on the orgy dot com. this is arts international breaking news this hour ukraine the security service reportedly says it's deporting british journalist graham phillips who disappeared three days ago with claims he's been beaten and tortured in captivity. for the testers in israel and around the world vent their anger against the deadly guards are offensive on a day of solidarity for palestinians. and overnight protests in the west bank and in clashes with police leaving for palestinians dead.
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over a good evening if you're just joining us it's eleven pm here a moscow my name is kevin now in our top stories on the breaking news to tell you about that have just mentioned it's emerged in the last hour or two that ukraine security services reportedly decided to kick british journalist graham phillips out of the country he disappeared three days ago in eastern ukraine know when you were he was ridiculous has been gathering details on this is the stories are just becoming through in the last hour or two but least we've finally we think got some details that came from the interfax news agency has been confirmed by anyone else now doesn't look like at the interfax news agency has been citing a ukrainian news agency corps saying that yes graham phillips has been apprehended by the security services and has been in fact deported from the country with a three year ban on entering ukraine in. in the future however there are some
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friends of his that i believe we can and will be talking to later who say that there's been no confirmation from the u.k. they don't know anything about the fate of their national and by the looks of it it doesn't really look like the security services are confirming this at this point as well in fact they've been staunchly denying that they even have graham phillips or any other journalists in their custody. i know he's been taken hostage there's no information as we're both there's a bounty on his the ukrainian military don't. you know that was the official line yes to. the facts is to believe there's a. confusion of facts that are put it bluntly. to the circumstances of why he disappeared what he does anyway well in fact he just came back to ukraine he was broad for a while he on tuesday he went over to donetsk airport and that's been the scene of
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some of the most intense fighting over the recent days so here in a number of other journalists headed over to the airport and then a number of them have decided to turn back and him another car and another journalist have got out to get closer to the airport obviously journalists they always want to get the best vantage point apparently that's what graham was trying to do and the last we heard from was that he sent a text message about two am on wednesday morning i believe saying that he's gotten to the airport safely and just to make a quick note of that our team has actually told him not to go there it was his own intent it was his own. it was his own idea to go to the airport in the first place because everybody knows it is incredibly safe there and then what happened afterwards well probably best described by the man who was also detained along with him was working for the news agency. we would. want to film a group of men i followed and that's when we were ambushed they put bags over our
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heads. craning military judging by their instinct we were put in a car. first they put us in a kind of cell together but we would like to separated they started torturing us. graham screaming and i was screaming to horrible they told graham they were taking him to western ukraine or to kiev then they left me out. now i just remind of you. the stringer freelance journalist who doesn't exclusively work for us he works for other broadcasters as well but generally in ukraine he's been the guy that's the filing but for us he's a stranger to being detained. not in may as a matter of fact he was detained when he was on his way from the town of maroun pl to donetsk he was stopped at a checkpoint by ukraine's national guard who wanted to see his i.d. and after they learned that he was working for a team that it was a journalist freelance journalist but still they were also detained him and he was
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in custody for thirty six hours again to a certain point or nobody knew about his fate in that case either he was released at that point and that's when he would decided to go back to the u.k. for the time being but he always made it clear that his intent was to head back to ukraine he feels really strongly about the country and the events there happening there but he's always said that his main purpose was not to work for anybody but to talk about the plight of the people of ukraine mean the the innocent bystanders who are witnessing and it has becoming victims to the conflict that's going on there or are really what we saw way to get more confirmations to say at the moment is just being from the interfax news agency you know you with this throw the rest of the evening into the night as we try and get some more detail miscible it going on without for now let's try and get some calm so donald he's a friend a grandmother spoke to me yesterday be working fast and furiously trying get some information as well over there in ireland i think that's where you're based anyway
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brian brown hope you can hear me we understand you did try to contact the british embassy in kiev do you have any information you could bring us on top of what we're seeing from interfax as graham been released. well i did so i've been dealing with the british authorities since he's been that disappeared until he disappeared and they don't appear to be aware of any or at least some caution in this part of the problem the embassy and he her own contact group and i did contact london never heard of it. in the put in the post three days since he's been missing is to say you've. come to the foreign office what have they been telling you that that's not pretty much actually radio and most of their they want to get too close to his parents at the moment norman that takes me and they have heard of phenomena a couple minutes ago yahoo and call. the nothing other than what he's reading and what he's probably watching right now maybe an r.t. and you probably want a christmas tree book account or an act as well which
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a lot of starting and honest. i've got to go for is very compact that page on the cars in the keep these are two russian social networking sites russian language network people that might be aware so you know what's going on the moment is that nobody is going to harm anything obscure a news site based on yes gets said and. the ukrainian government confirmed that the british government owned nothing and somebody is putting route messages i facebook account in support off the ukrainian administration and. on somebody just stated it looks like it was not a government it's a champion these people on twitter at the moment i could not kind of excuse. as a correspondent really just notes. if these reports. to be correct he's been know asked to leave ukraine and told to leave ukraine congo but for three years so first time he's been in trouble with the ukrainians is
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a. you know it's not i mean this happened already in me to be honest a chick given his personal circumstances is probably safer from if he doesn't come cheap but still it's on except me and i would say to the other journalists working there but you the western journalists have been very quiet on this in recent days. you know there's no a saying nobody shows that stop if graeme is deported who's next that they need to ask themselves plus the ukrainian obscure news i mentioned claims he's been deported for being a traitor to the territorial integrity. and security of ukraine i mean. i mean what's he going to do take over donetsk and handed over to scotland i mean it's it's absolutely spurious it makes not that broad i'm sure he will very much appreciate you as been a very good friend and helping us thanks for taking the time to be with us and updating us as well appreciated from a don't know problem that i'm sort of psycho good buy. muslims show the
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world are marking international could stay which traditionally used to express solidarity with the palestinian people and this year most of the banners in the streets are denouncing israeli aggression in gaza protesters in iran were chanting on tuesday only slogans and burning the country's flag in the capital to run indeed the rally was intended by the iranian president elsewhere similar scenes today across india to their thousands of muslims marched in support of palestine and held prayers how there was a high turnout in london as well from where pali boyko reports next. says the arabic word for jerusalem and this is actually an annual trade palestinian event but organizers of this protest say that public opinion and a palestinian community has been galvanized by that increasing civilian death toll in gaza and you get a picture just looking at the banners the trancing and the sea of people groping for essential lines and making their way towards the american embassy you get
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a picture of just how strong the pro palestinian community is that we're here to fight against israel here the word across the palestinians are the ones are victims they're not pursing they're being oppressed so charming i must rush our support to my my fibrin parents originally kicked out one hundred forty eight out their homeland my mom's family must hurt and. and this course is not just important to me because i am palestinian it's important to me because it's blatant occupation it's it's blatant oppression and it's it's our duty to do what little we can just when this what they're doing. children bombing indiscriminately not proportional for you know so they are just a moron to themselves of what i just was not doing everything to stop them i think the russians i think disgusting but in this day and age we are living in a play. being children die dying being floated cut in pieces and they're sitting
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here in front our phones this is by no means the only rallied to take place in london over the force of the conflict just several days ago i promise really much for the center of the capital where there were several thousand people gathered as well but in such a multicultural multi-religious it's a city this is a conflict that is touching people who know using opinion and raising tensions who can see by the way the crowd the amount of people that are gathered there that london is very much i think said by the bloodshed that's taking place in the middle . ones and that really very kind of. more than eight hundred palestinians have now been killed in the offensive but israel today rejected a cease fire plan proposed by u.s. secretary of state john kerry a human rights activist who was at the london rally told us that people in the west are willing to protest loudly against the violence on like the government's
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overwhelming majority of people are really feeling the pain of the palestinians they really understand that this use of israelis that this massacre is necessary for peace and security they don't accept that and they feel that is your need to be accountable and hold accountable but unfortunately the governments and the media as a whole in the west are totally biased trying to equate. sort of palestinian suffering with the needs and aspirations of israelis and i think this is the disparity and this is why people are coming in their houses and millions in the streets to say enough is enough arabs have also been protesting in israel and rally in jerusalem and in clashes with police said. to throwing rocks at the israeli offices the police responded with tear gas and water cannon is our middle east correspondent paula slip. the situation here on the ground amongst israel's arab
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population is extremely close how on friday there were demonstrations here in east jerusalem not far from the x. a mosque after people prayed in here the israeli forces are now and only men over the age of fifty to enter the mosque protesters started throwing stones and rocks at israeli police responded with crowd control measures now this tension has been simmering for quite some time so we are likely to see the kind of anger that exists amongst israel's roughly one million arab population bubble to the surface it's not limited only to inside israel on thursday night there were clashes at the kalandia checkpoint between jerusalem and ramallah dozens of palestinians have been arrested if they we did have the throwing of stones the burning of tires and again tensions are running high on israel's border at the moment be feeling on the ground is that the gaza operation will continue and at the same time will continue to encourage
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anger and dissent from among these populations policia r.t. east jerusalem. calls for an end to the violence and just as. literally a heartfelt way to look at this photo the photos hashtag trending right now jews and arabs refuse to be enemies it was launched by us couple with a mixed arab jewish background web users quickly picked up on it but a good news for a change responding with dozens more pictures and stories of love and friendship between arabs and jews for example this woman this good jewish mother and a palestinian father she tweeted whatever we suffer hate makes it worse. just when ukraine needs some solid leadership those in power of put the country into political paralysis the ruling coalitions collapsed parliament could be dissolved and the problem this is it quit or the deputy still hasn't had his resignation letter for them to vote on lawmakers now the face a choice either to forge a new majority group or get ready for early elections and judging by the state of
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the ukrainian economy there's no time to procrastinate kiev is fast running out of cash delivering a much needed reforms and focusing its energies or the military operation in the east plus ukraine says the loans promised by the e.u. won't be enough for europe itself is hesitating over the funds already set aside as opposed to political science professor nicholai petro he told me the crisis is here to stay he thinks the one playing i think the political parties want to avoid that are currently there is being blamed for the price hikes the significant price hikes for utilities and gas that are under water that are going that are coming in the pipeline first of all there will be political rights there's just been announced while there is a political necessity as europe's as the e.u. sees it to support and disburse money into ukraine it will actually not do that
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indefinitely and the problem is ukraine is running out of money even for an army the money to pay and soldiers will run out next week. we tell a group of russian investigators have come on the shelling on the russian ukraine border moscow's investigative committee says the shells were fired deliberately from ukrainian territory a total of forty seven of them were in car service in the region for r.t. . well the investigative committee personnel were wearing uniforms so they could not have been mistaken for anyone else and while they were scouring the area another two russian border checkpoints had been shelled as well and the nearby residential areas to apparently six houses had been damaged and one person in fact had been injured this is not the first time that russian territory is being shelled previously one russian border guard was injured and one civilian was killed as a result sell for ukrainian army shell and now russia had demanded for ukraine to stop artillery fire and shelling against its territory but it continues in any case
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meanwhile ukrainian army is using all the means available and necessary to fight against the rest of the regions here in eastern ukraine you and i already said that's at least two hundred thousand people have been displaced as the result of that half of them have fled to a nearby russian nearly five hundred people have been killed by the ukrainian military since this punitive operation of so-called and its era separation began against the rest of regions here in eastern ukraine. eastern ukraine homes ablaze cars riddled with bullets this is what locals here have been waking up to day after day for the past several weeks and the human cost of the sustained government assault has been steadily rising by jr their children have been genuine and we need. some you know to be seen yearbook but you know you know you're right here with the many hundreds killed since the ukrainian army's
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operation began half a million have already packed up their belongings and fled across the border to russia but for those who stayed on constant reminders that nobody is safe. we've been hiding here for two months already sharing can start any time so monday i went outside for some water and it was a. that we survived we had to hide from shells and splinters behind a lurch every single moment we were free to die i don't need skills one of ukraine's largest cities home to a million people many caught in the crossfire between and fighters who have made the city their stronghold and government forces the ukrainian authorities pledged to continue their onslaught to root out what it calls terrorists but that means locals here have a long soft lights of their own head of them don't know it's the largest city in the sand ukraine was once full of life and accommodated the locals and for interest
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only a couple of years ago it welcomes thousands of football fans to the european football championships now however it's slow it's turning into a ghost town as local businesses close their doors and residents to leave the area from constant shelling that hasn't stopped in over a month from our culture of artsy donetsk ukraine coming up the latest on the investigation into the malaysian airliner crash in ukraine and the repair tradition of more victims bodies. the idea of russia in russia is long obsessed western money and politics and that obsession has to date been remarkably dark and even menacing is this because the west projects its own negative self into other. areas in the last days. essentially believing in this world when they believe that you know
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that. tactic. they simply don't realize when propaganda points and we need to go beyond that and actually gauge with the ideas information that is presented as well and confront that information and i think that's something that as you mentioned before not everything is black and white not everything isn't taken is taken and the more that we can be i guess. open minded connoisseurs of information regardless of the source i think we're all going to be .
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more planes carrying victims from flight m.h. seventeen of landed at military airport in the netherlands the last bodies will be sent from ukraine on saturday the remains are now being transported to a military base for examination and identification it's thought the model of victims have been found yet even in the special international teams being prepared to secure the crash site meanwhile experts working with the flight recorders say the data they contain hasn't been tampered with. and several theories about what could have brought down the malays in plane of emerge since the disaster the latest source in the ukrainian military saying here defense trills taking place at the time with the crash may be to blame but did no use in the search exercises ever happen. the international media have been using america's assumed evidence to round on russia going to come breaks down some of the latest moves b.b.c. russian deleted an online report by their correspondent from eastern ukraine it was
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recorded by all good if shaina who went to the site where ukrainian intelligence says rebels fired a missile at the malaysian airlines plane which she took the photo showing a rising plume of smoke which the ukrainians intelligence service provided as evidence of where the missile was launched the reporter identified at least two other potential sources for such a plume in the area including a coal mine nearby she also asked locals what they saw in the sky that day. there were two explosions in the sky with there how the plane broke apart with pieces falling everywhere and there was an awesome military jet flying near everyone saw it yes everyone saw it flying a little below the present a plane. we heard explosions in the sky and then the plane suddenly turned around changed its flight path and headed their way. when the video was taken off the site many internet users were keen to know why the b.b.c.
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said they were poor did not live up to the editorial values of b.p. see. some journalists have taken sides to the point that when the ukrainian president said this ukrainian nation now are united we don't have any conflicts inside ukraine and he was not picked up on it even as pictures and video pour in of the war raging in the country since. the us media is once again taking aim at r t over what c.n.n. discussed as the impact of russia's media machine for all the talk about propaganda which by definition is you know misinformation i would say russia's when it chris cuomo and r.t. spittle of l became a you tube hit after a heated interview maybe you haven't been following it but the u.s. is actually coming out with a lot of its own intelligence are back connex what happened i made seventeen to the acts of russian militants and perhaps of the involvement of russia in either training equipping or maybe even assisting one when this what horrible operation
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fran you're going to have lands are you talking about what what forensic evidence are you referring to. twitter very or release intelligence information about the trajectory no not twitter i do not think peter this is something to be flip about two hundred ninety eight people lost their lives let's now i think the n.s.a. declaring it's been there and really really trying to coming out very flippant about it and narrative is being pushed in the media that clearly spells cold war to . the russian president is the fight on the covers of major magazines and newspapers is personality is the main focus of media attention. this news week article titled inside the bulletproof bubble of the west's public enemy number one begins by looking into what putin eats for breakfast c.n.n. draws a connection between the russian president's photo editor church and the downing of
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the malaysian airliner and global outrage grew try to appear pious photographed praying at an orthodox church the russian president continuing his drumbeat blaming ukraine and its western backers he is no one should and no one has the right to use this tragedy to achieve their own selfish political goal is a vent should not divide united people by fixing its gaze on the russian president the media has excelled at what he does best acting as judge and jury and simplifying a complex situation by focusing on just one person going to shutdown or t. washington d.c. but lack of conclusive evidence to explain the fate of a major seventeen thousand stop though the new from expanding sanctions on russia are already falling the united states lead brussels is now added fifteen people and eighteen companies to the blacklist of its own peter all over next on what the new measures include. what we've seen is an extension to the list of names that
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sanctions have been imposed on these sanctions will take the form of visa bans asset freezes in some cases but they're individually targeted sanctions the the current lot that's just the new greed on targets and fifteen individuals and eighteen companies and these are wide ranging sanctions that some in europe had been calling for in the united states and hoped that europe would push forward with particular in europe david cameron the british prime minister had been pushing for further sanctions also here in the netherlands there had been calls for further sanctions as well we haven't seen that yet this is just something that shows the the over symbiotic relationship between the russian economy and the economies of those nations in europe with they try to impose any real far reaching economic sanctions against russia european nations economies are going to suffer at the hands of their own sanctions so with that that's what we've seen so far we're
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expecting further talks on sanctions next week though but for now just more individual sanctions and an expanding of the list. illegal protests have landed some of russia's top opposition activists in jail two key figures have been given years behind bars for masterminding unrest here in russia read more about that on our website the story came out last night also online to bribe or compensation you care for a t.v. offer up to a million pounds to communities that agree to bury nuclear waste in their region. if you just joined us good evening to an update on our breaking news the ukraine security service has confirmed to the real news agency that there deporting british journalist graham phillips he disappeared in donetsk in the east three days ago as whereabouts until now remained unknown still to be confirmed though a fellow journalist who was detained along with graham and later released told us that r.t. that they'd both been in captivity if this good news is confirmed that graham's been released we hope. to be speaking to him at some point over the coming hours.
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after the break western pressure on russia over the conflict in ukraine is the focus of crosstalk. a friend of mine flew in from germany and he said that as he was leaving he looked into do stand at the airport and on the front page of twelve german publications were basically titles like putin's missile destroyers airplane alluding to the crash malaysian airplane that fell into the combat zone in eastern ukraine this isn't just some fluke that my friend saw all these newspapers together the entire mainstream media has made the same bold speculations i think this is interesting for two reasons one the way that the mainstream press jumped onto the story with exactly the same headlines and exactly the same angles really makes me want to
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start believing in conspiracy theories especially when an investigation had been conducted yet there wasn't any formal evidence yet but from fox to c.n.n. to medium sized german newspapers the speculation of who was at fault for the crash is identical and absolute and to the western media which feels justified to push for war with anyone who doesn't adopt western values have themselves completely forgotten just what those values are i thought in the glorious west everyone gets a fair trial with due process evidence and a conviction only after their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt but when enemies of washington need to be demonized i guess all those principles just fly right out the door but that's just my opinion.


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